Discovering Dubai

Discovering Dubai

Hot on opulence, style, luxury, wealth and just plain hot, well for most of the year anyway. A holiday in Dubai is a real eye-opener with lavish hotels, glitzy shopping malls, gourmet cuisine and pristine beaches, all waiting for you to enjoy.

What not to miss

Dubai’s beaches are fabulous and vast, but most of the excitement is happening way up high in the ridiculously tall buildings that crowd the skyline. If you have a head for heights and love a good view, check out both the The Burj Al Arab and The Burj Khalifa. The latter is the world’s tallest building standing proud at 828 metres with an observation deck on the 124th floor, just don’t look down, well alright, do. The Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s most recognisable landmarks and is also known as the Arabian Tower.

What to indulge in

Shopping obviously as Dubai affords the nickname ‘Shopping capital of the Middle East’. It’s up to you what you decide to tackle first. Will it be designer shopping in the contemporary air conditioned Dubai Mall, complete with ice rink? Or will it be navigating the streets of the Gold Souk with 250+ retail outlets sparkling with shiny, gold must-haves?

Perhaps sport’s more your thing, if so how about something involving the desert? You might fancy yourself on the green but how will you fair on the sand? Have a go at sand golf and find out. Other activities you might want to indulge in include desert safaris in SUVs. But before you get too excited about having a go, you should know that you’ll be the passenger in this scenario and a specialist desert driver will be behind the wheel.

As most of Dubai’s nightlife, including restaurants is confined to the luxury hotels, why not go all out and eat at the tallest and the best, The Burj Khalifa? Along with stunning views, it has 8 restaurants including the Al Muntaha on the 27th floor.

When to go

The best time to head to Dubai is in the winter unless you’re a fan of extreme heat. Winter temperatures are comfortable at 23°C during the day and 14°C at night.

Having said that, summer visitors are treated to ocean temperatures of 37°C, so if you like it hot and we’re talking hot, give a summer visit a go. But be prepared for daytime temps in the 40s and 50s with not much respite come night fall, when it only cools to a well, very warm 29°C.