Popular Backpacker Destinations through South East Asia

South East Asia is one of the most popular backpacking destinations throughout the world, offering travels quality budget accommodation, cheap airfares and unbeatable tour packages. While a South East Asia holiday is generally cheaper, this won’t compromise the quality of your travels, with destinations commonly offering a variety of cultures, a rich heritage and unbeatable tourist attractions. Whether you’re backpacking the world or just looking for some great budget holiday options, be sure to check out these not to be missed South East Asia destinations.

Kuta, Bali

Kuta Bali

Attracting thousands of visitors each year, from all over the world, Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. What makes Kuta the perfect backpacker destination is that it offers the chance to travel on a budget; with great luxurious extras should you feel like splurging. Even the extras in Kuta are incredibly affordable, with day spas offering treatments from as little as a few dollars. While you can find expensive villas and resorts in the more secluded regions of the island, Kuta offers great value accommodation for travellers. Being the tourist hub of Bali, there are a great number of hotels, with quality facilities, that have prices starting from as low as $16 per night. Many of these cheaper accommodation options, along with the more luxurious, offer an all-inclusive buffet breakfast, providing even further value for backpackers.

Ko Phangan, Thailand

Ko Phangan Thailand

While you’re most likely not familiar with the name Ko Phangan, you’ve probably heard of the infamous Full Moon Party in Thailand. The shores of Ko Phangan are the home of the Full Moon Party, attracting thousands of backpackers each year, particularly during the months of December and January, when festivities are at their greatest. During your days in Ko Phangan, you can expect to laze on the pristine beaches, venture through tropical rainforests or spend a day jet skiing or banana boating with mates.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

If you’re a backpacker who wants to make the most of your travels, you must spend some time in Ho Chi Minh City. While other South East Asian destinations may offer the best party scenes or pristine beaches, Vietnam offers travellers the opportunity to experience breathtaking river cruises, a vibrant city and a country rich with culture. River cruising is a popular attraction in Vietnam, with day tours departing from Ho Chi Minh City. River tours can be found at affordable prices, combined with cheap Vietnam airfares for the best holiday deals. Discovering the hidden laneways of Ho Chi Minh City is an adventure in itself, with backpackers able to pick up cheap foods and great shopping.

Whether you choose to embark on the adventure of your life with a unforgettable journey through Vietnam or relax on the breathtaking beaches of Kuta, backpacking through South East Asia is the most enjoyable travel experience in the world.