Traveling Barcelona on the Cheap

Barcelona is a beautiful city found on the North Western coast of Spain and is a wonderful choice for a trip travelling abroad. The city is a big tourist attraction for travellers from all over the world making it an excellent place to find ways to save money while staying in Barcelona. To help make the money saving endeavour actually happen below you will find 4 ways to save money in Barcelona that will allow you to have a fun, eventful and money saving trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Travel Barcelona

Get a Discount Card

There are several discount cards available to travellers of the fair city such as the T10 Card (which offers 50% off all travelling on metro fare, buses and even the train from the airport for up to ten trips) or the Barcelona Card (which gives you free access to 16 museums in Barcelona). Each one offers you the chance to save money while in Barcelona, but still be able to do and see all the things that you want to do.

Choose Alternative Accommodations

Many travellers chose to go the traditional route and stay in hotels and motels, but why not save a little money as chose an alternative option like couch surfing, work/accommodation exchange programs and house sitting? This way you can reduce or completely eliminate your lodging expenses while in Barcelona. When it comes time to find accommodation in Barcelona, there are several resources at your disposal. Sites that let you search for apartments are a good option along with others like CouchSurfing, House Carers and HelpX, all of which can help you find the perfect way to stay in Barcelona without paying a dime.

Eat Like a Local

Food can oftentimes be the silent money drainer during travel as you can quickly rack up the expenses in pricy restaurants in Barcelona. Rather than doing that, eat like a local and fill up on the large “Menu del Dia” which is often an affordable, tasty and abundant meal found in local eateries, markets, etc. By having your largest meal at lunch for an affordable price you will be able to either save leftovers for your evening meal or still be fairly full so that a couple of cheap tapas fill you up for the rest of the night.

Visit the Cheap or Free Barcelona Attractions

Barcelona is filled with many local sights and attractions that are low cost or even no cost to visit such as the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Montjuic, the architecturally stunning Barcelona Cathedral or a true favourite, La Rambla street which is filled with countless street vendors, boutiques, restaurants, street art and more. Visiting Barcelona doesn’t have to be overly costly if you choose the right attractions and local sights.